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    10. At the end of the conversation, the speakers talk about _____.
    A. the future of the Internet
    B. the type of office furniture
    C. when changes will come
    D. how people will use the Internet


    11. In order to open a bank account, you need to produce ____ in addition to your passport.
    A. a library card
    B. a registration form
    C. a telephone bill
    D. a receipt

    12. Which of the following might NOT be included in the “utility bill”?
    A. Rent.
    B. Gas.
    C. Water.
    D. Telephone.

    13. According to the passage, what can one do in the post office?
    A. Getting contact details.
    B. Obtaining tax forms.
    C. Paying housing rents.
    D. Applying for loans.

    14. According to the passage, one of the activities to relax could be _____.
    A. need to be efficient in work
    B. plan your work properly
    C. try to finish work ahead of time
    D. know how to work in teams

    15. According to the passage, one of the activities to relax could be _____.
    A. protecting wild animals
    B. spending time with your family
    C. learning how to read efficiently
    D. learning how to do gardening

    16. One of the ways to reduce stress is to _____.
    A. do better than anyone else
    B. fulfill high ambitions in one’s work
    C. work and have reasonable aims
    D. start with a relatively low aim

    17. According to the passage, to reduce stress has something to do with the following EXCEPT ____.
    A. one’s position
    B. one’s interest
    C. one’s health
    D. one’s mood

    18. According to the passage, new words tend to come from ________.
    A. world politics
    B. advances in science
    C. areas of life
    D. all the above

    19. The passage explains the larger and richer vocabulary of English mainly from a _____ viewpoint.
    A. historical
    B. cultural
    C. commercial
    D. colonial

    20. According to the passage, which of the following statements best describes the English language?
    A. It is outdated in grammar.
    B. It accepts new words from science.
    C. It has begun taking in new words.
    D. It tends to embrace new words.


    21. Where was the marble statue found?
    A. Out in the sea.
    B. Inside a bath house.
    C. On a cliff along the coast.
    D. On the coast outside Jerusalem.

    22. Which of the following best describes the condition of the statue?
    A. It was incomplete.
    B. It was recent artwork.
    C. It was fairly tall.
    D. It was in pieces.

    23. The rescue efforts concentrated mainly on _____.
    A. the U.S.-Canada border
    B. snow-stricken regions
    C. highways
    D. city streets

    24. According to the news, the last group of people might have been stranded in their vehicles for more than ____ hours before being rescued.
    A. 24
    B. 25
    C. 40
    D. 48

    25. According to the 2006 anti-smoking restrictions, smoking was NOT allowed in _____.
    A. offices
    B. restaurants
    C. bars
    D. school playgrounds

    26. According to the news, which of the following groups reacts negatively to the new law?
    A. Television producers.
    B. Hotel owners.
    C. Medical workers.
    D. Hospital management.

    27. According to the news, who first discovered the fraud?
    A. A client.
    B. A bank manager.
    C. The police.
    D. Bank headquarters.

    28. When did the bank employee hand himself in?
    A. A month before the fraud was discovered.
    B. A day before the fraud was discovered.
    C. A day after the police launched investigation.
    D. A month after he transferred the money.

    29. What is this news item mainly about?
    A. How to open Hotmail accounts.
    B. How to retrieve missing e-mails.
    C. New e-mail service by Microsoft.
    D. Problems and complaints about e-mails.

    30. Compared with 2009, which of the following figures remained about the same in 2010?
    A. Number of tickets sold.
    B. Box office revenues.
    C. Attendance rate.
    D. Number of cinemas.

    66. The girl cannot come to school today on account of the flu. The underlined part means _____.
    A. concerning
    B. because of
    C. as to
    D. for

    67. Mary and John are busy looking for a hotel for their wedding _____.
    A. meal
    B. snack
    C. refreshment
    D. banquet

    68. Mini-skirts first _____ in the 1960s.
    A. caught out
    B. caught in
    C. caught on
    D. caught up

    69. That outburst at the meeting was ____ of his bad temper.
    A. illustrative
    B. explanatory
    C. expository
    D. revealing

    70. The earthquake refugees are ____ for food and blankets.
    A. desirous
    B. ambitious
    C. seriously off
    D. badly off

    71. When Linda heard the good news she tried to sound casual, but her excitement was obvious.
          The underlined part means _____.
    A. uncaring
    B. disinterested
    C. without plan
    D. without warning

    72. Most Chinese people went to work by bike within living _____.
    A. mind
    B. knowledge
    C. memory
    D. scope

    73. The speaker was very good at ____ his ideas during the discussion.
    A. putting aside
    B. putting across
    C. putting back
    D. putting off

    74. The food is good at this hotel, but the ____ is poor; the waiters don’t seem to be well trained.
    A. maintenance
    B. repair
    C. charge
    D. service

    75. Slavery was ____ in America in the 19th century.
    A. abolished
    B. canceled
    C. abandoned
    D. terminated

    76. Mercifully, I was able to complete all I had to do within a few days. The underlined part means _____.
    A. efficiently
    B. surprisingly
    C. fortunately
    D. shortly

    77. The boys in the dorm ____ a coin to decide who would clean the floor.
    A. held
    B. tossed
    C. put
    D. collected

    78. The patterns of spoken language are ____ from those of writing.
    A. distinct
    B. distinctive
    C. distinguished
    D. distinguishing

    79. A(n) ____ shape has four straight sides at 90° to each other, two of which are much longer than the other two.
    A. square
    B. oval
    C. oblong
    D. circular

    80. I’d like to have a ____ word with his parents.
    A. peaceful
    B. quiet
    C. silent
    D. personal

    TEXT B

    86. We learn from the first paragraph that the recession _____.
    A. affected Americans in certain occupations
    B. had great impact on Americans’ work and life
    C. had only brought huge losses in savings and stocks
    D. is over with some of the losses recovered

    87. What made the family’s financial situation even worse was that they _____.
    A. moved to Rhinelander in a hurry
    B. had two children to raise
    C. didn’t know anyone in Rhinelander
    D. couldn’t sell their home in Big Lake

    88. Which of the following statements is CORRECT?
    A. Cindy had seen the benefits of gardening in a different way.
    B. Cindy had developed a hobby of gardening before the recession.
    C. Cindy had already had a keen interest in sustainability.
    D. Cindy had already planned to meet the gardeners.

    89. In addition, Cindy views gardening as a genuine pleasure because gardening _____.
    A. helped her cut living costs almost by half
    B. enabled her to know more about plants
    C. built up family ties and kids’ enthusiasm
    D. enabled her to make her own jams

    90. What does Cindy think of the difficult times she has gone through?
    A. It gave the couple and their kids a tough lesson.
    B. It gave her confidence and optimism.
    C. It would come again and affect the family.
    D. It left a lasting psychological impact on the family.

    TEXT C

    91. The author begins with an episode from The Graduate in order to _____.
    A. support the fact that more women are working now
    B. show that few graduates started working right after graduation
    C. demonstrate that there were much fewer graduates than now
    D. emphasize the sharp contrast between now and then

    92. With regard to job opportunities for young graduates, the author sounds _____.
    A. pessimistic
    B. hopeful
    C. indifferent
    D. furious

    93. The author is ____ the Labour Government’s target: 50% of school leavers in higher education.
    A. in favour of
    B. doubtful about
    C. strongly critical of
    D. mildly critical of

    94. Which of the following statements about parents’ feelings is CORRECT?
    A. Working-class parents feel just as disappointed.
    B. Parents and their children feel equally disappointed.
    C. Middle-class parents feel more disappointed.
    D. Parents feel more disappointed than their children.

    95. Towards the end of the passage, the author implies that _____.
    A. there will be job-creation schemes for graduates
    B. graduate unemployment is more of a political issue
    C. graduate unemployment is both a political and a social issue
    D. the Conservatives are doing far from enough to solve the issue

    TEXT D

    96. According to the context, “suck in your breath” means “feel a sense of ____”.
    A. awe
    B. horror
    C. doubt
    D. delight

    97. Which of the following statements about the discovery of the mummy is INCORRECT?
    A. The mummy was first discovered by a British archaeologist.
    B. The discovery of the mummy came as a surprise.
    C. The mummy was found lying right inside the stone coffin.
    D. The masked mummy was covered in gold.

    98. Which word CANNOT be used to describe the city of Cairo?
    A. Crowdedness.
    B. Quiet.
    C. Noise.
    D. Confusion.

    99. Which pair of words/phrases indicates contrast?
    A. Gigantic structure; great desert expanse.
    B. A call for prayer; men and women with the shisha.
    C. Chaos; maddening.
    D. Coffee shops; pyramids.

    100. What is the author’s attitude towards Cairo?
    A. Positive.
    B. Objective.
    C. Negative.
    D. Not clear.

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